The MASTERY TIER focuses on the provision of coaching and mentoring to support and strengthen leadership at a time of crisis and change. This means creating space for leaders to be able to stand back, stop, breathe, and reflect to facilitate effective decision making. It means helping leaders to ‘hold steady’ and “let go” so that they can provide authentic and compassionate leadership which then impacts so many others. Coaching at this level supports the transition from crisis to the ‘new normal’ and the new opportunities this may present and building the resilience of our leaders (and their role modelling of this for others) will be important aspects. Leveraging on our ability to provide’ guidance from experience’ by drawing on other leaders with coaching skills and a wealth of technical experience will help us to meet these needs.


Through a strong partnership between the coach and the leader, we will work to address the uncertainties and anxieties of operating in a VUCA world as the coaching relationship supports leaders increase their capacity to take risks and cultivate paradoxical thinking, collaborative creativity and expanded mindsets. Our pool of professional humanitarian coaches, alongside our pro-bono coaches will play a critical role in enabling this to happen.


Team coaching can provide opportunities for the team to re-energise, refocus and stretch beyond their current abilities. Team coaching works with the team as a whole, the team is a seen as a system as opposed to a collection of individuals, and the coach will look to understand the complex organisational dynamics in which the team operates.  David Clutterbuck (2009) defines team coaching as: ‘Helping the team improve performance and the processes by which performance is achieved, through reflection and dialogue.’  By partnering with the team in the context of its everyday work challenges, the coach can introduce new ideas and see opportunities to improve team performance.


We have compiled a selection of influential videos from compelling story tellers with ideas that are worth sharing, that are personal and that the speaker feels passionate about. Our collection of podcasts use a coaching and mentoring lens that sits at the centre of the talk. They are created around navigating the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) landscape.


Recent research shows that the most significant common factor differentiating high performing leadership teams from less effective teams is the attention and time they devote to coaching and being coached. In a coaching and mentoring culture, people see the value of developing themselves and others – and take responsibility for both. This framework was established so that organisations can see where they are on the journey towards a coaching culture.

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