The PROFESSIONAL TIER focuses on technical mentoring relationships and our mentoring interventions are a mix of single and short flash mentoring activities to more structured longer-term mentoring relationships.

Mentoring encourages innovative solutions to today’s problems. We recognise that as a sector, our people have always been our most critical asset due to the vast array of technical experience and specialist skills that we have. The relationship with a trusted, experienced coach and/or mentor who both challenges and encourages can be a critical one that has been shown to be extremely effective in keeping people healthy and motivated in their work.  Through implementing several successful mentoring iterations, we have captured data to show that mentoring is a critical component in transferring tacit knowledge between individuals and organisations as well as supporting transformational individual and organisational culture change.

Mentoring is a confidential partnership between two people based on understanding and trust (and outside of any line management responsibility Its primary aim is to build on self-reliance and self-confidence in the mentee. It is a positive, developmental relationship, which is driven primarily by the mentee, but it is a two-way learning relationship and an effective mentor will learn so much from the relationship as well.

High Impact Mentoring

Develop a pool of mentors through sector-facing and internal mentoring programmes.

Mentoring is a vital capacity-building tool that enables both individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential. Whether you are working in the local community, responding to an emergency or are based in a head office, a mentoring conversation can enable you to develop capability, raise self-awareness and help individuals to become the people they want to be.

Well designed and managed mentoring initiatives can have a transformational impact on organisational culture and people engagement. The right mentoring interventions transcends hierarchy and strengthens relationships to build both individual and organisational value.

Flash Mentoring

One off mentoring to address a specific learning focus

Flash Mentoring is a short-term form of mentoring that is centered around tactical one-time meetings that provide knowledge or skills when a mentee need them, rather than a traditional, long-term mentoring relationship. The objective of flash mentoring is to provide a valuable learning opportunity for less experienced individuals while requiring a limited commitment of time and resources for more experienced individuals serving as mentors.

Our flash mentoring toolkit can provide more support on implementing flash mentoring in your organisation.

Reverse Mentoring

Bridge experiential divide through reverse mentoring interventions.

Reverse mentoring places the more senior person as the primary learner and emphasise the experience of the junior person on various topics of strategic and cultural relevance. It ensures mutual benefit to both the mentor and mentee. The mentee gains new skills and perspectives, the mentor gains valuable insights into organisational culture, values and strategy.  This form of mentoring may help enable dismantle barriers around race, sexuality, and gender.

Our reverse mentoring resources can provide more support on implementing reverse mentoring in your organisation.

Alternatively the MASTERY TIER focuses on the provision of coaching and mentoring to support and strengthen leadership at a time of crisis and change.

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